What is the state of your current reality?

Does FEAR rule your reality?

Being in a subconscious and/or conscious state of fear can hinder personal growth and the ability to enjoy one's life.

Are you currently existing in any of the following conditions:

  • Abrupt change - endings and/or beginnings
  • Questioning current bias and beliefs
  • Lacking in self-esteem, feelings of inadequacy
  • Self-sabotage and chaos
  • Loss or misunderstanding of self-identity
  • Lack or loss of self-control
  • Co-dependent, needing to be needed –  always being “The Fixer” 
  • Feeling stuck within your own situation - feeling victimized
  • Loss of faith
  • Fearing what others may think of you - suffering from "them-esteem"
  • Difficult relationships
  • Unable to trust your own decisions
  • Sensing an oppression of your spirit, not caused by a diagnosis of clinical depression or mental illness
  • Incapable of asking for help
  • Feeling as though everyone is against you- that you do not belong here
  • Grappling with unexplained spiritual or paranormal encounters
  • Longing to be doing something else or being someone other than what you believe is expected of you by others - just playing a role

For some people, just admitting to having fear(s) is fearful. How does our personal reality cope with change, expectations, and experiences that happen outside of our perception of control? 

Understanding that things do not happen to us, they just happen. The key to our personal growth and balance is how we react and tend to our choices and emotions. It is easy to say that to change your thoughts will change your world but many folks may have never been given the proper tools or taught how to effectively manage our adult lives, let alone been allowed to empower our child-self  into adulthood. In these cases, it can be due to people carrying on familial traditions or only knowing themselves what they were taught. 

Sometimes we just need someone else to hear ourselves think out loud in order to clear the clutter of our own minds, guiding us to a path of clarity. As friends and family can be there for emotional support, they may not be able to offer impartial guidance of our state of affairs.

Having a personal Life Coach can assist you in discovering the Greatness you already possess, offering a positive impact for yourself and the world we live. Do this for the good of you in order to create a healthier and more balanced self-reality.


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