How We Muse

Holistic Life Coaching Services

Bolstering self-esteem.

Releasing self-transformation blockages.

Improving social skills.

Unconditionally accepting and loving who you and others are.

Relationship assessment and assisting personal change management.

Empowering yourself through your choices.

Overcoming self-sabotaging behaviors.

Discovering your authentic self.

Career & Business Coaching

Fostering clarity in career and business decisions.

Guiding co-worker mediation.

Learning how to create positive directives and environments for your employees.

Spiritual & Intuitive Counseling

Death, divorce and abuse grief support.

Dream interpretation, working with meditation, tarot cards, astrology and numerology techniques.

Near death experience (NDE) and paranormal experience guidance.

Ordination Services

Officiate of small civil marriage and life commitment ceremonies - requires pre-commitment/premarital counseling session.

Spiritual & civil commitment relationship contracts.

Ancestry Trees & Research

Researching ancestral past, inherent traits & connections.

Creating ancestry trees for your personal documentary purposes. 

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